The Scouting 4-day camp in 2021

It is currently not clear what the consequences of the Corona measures are for the 34th Scouting 4-day camp in 2021. As soon as more is known about this, we will contact all participants. Until then, registration will be closed.

If the Four Days Marches takes place in 2021, the 34th Scouting 4-days camp will take place from 17 to 24 July 2021.


Information on the 4-days camp


If you participate in the 4-days walking event and you are a member of Scouts Netherlands, you will be hosted from the 17th until the 24th of July 2021 at the 34th Scouts 4-Days Camp. During this camp we will help you complete the challenging task of walking 30, 40 or 50 kilometres per day. Medical treatment will be available on the campsite, as well as on different scouts-posts on route. There will be a recreation room where you can relax after your walk, whilst enjoying some food or drinks.

No need to cook either, we will do that for you! And it doesn't stop there!

As always you can catch up on your scouts-contacts. Maybe even with scouts from abroad. You spend the night in the middle of quiet and forest filled surrounding in the eastern part of Nijmegen. Everyone is welcome, as an individual walker, or as part of a group.

During the week you can take care of everything yourself, or use our services, for example a wake-up service (if you are afraid you won't wake up in time) and the camp restaurant.


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The 4-Day Camp is located on the grounds of
Scouts group Keizer Karel and Paul Krüger

Sophiaweg 450
6523 NJ Nijmegen