Participation on the Scouts 4-Days Camp is exclusive to those who are a member of Scouts Netherlands or members of the groups that are affiliated with the WOSM or WAGGS (international organisations).

Exceptions are parents/guardians, whose sons/daughters are a member of these organisations. Exceptions can also be made for participants who are no longer a member, but have been participants of the Scouts 4-Days Camp for the last few years (with a maximum of a 2 year break). If you have had other reasons, please notify us during registration.

For further information during the event, please go the VIP Vierdaagse Informatie Punt (4-Days Information Point) or contact us.


For Walkers

Register Walker You take part in the walking event, and will be at the camp site
Register External Walker You take part in the walking event, but you sleep somewhere else
Register Supporter You do not take part in the walking event, but you support your own group at the camp site


Pay attention!
Walkers, external walkers and supporters are only registered but not a member of Scouting Nederland. Although there is talk in the screens about member and membership, this does not apply to participation of this group. As a walker you can therefore easily register without further costs and / or obligations. This is different for co-operators, see the participant regulations.



For Co-Operators

Register Co-Operator You will be available to help out in the organisation of the camp during the event
Register child of Co-Operator

For groups

To register groups, contact the administration.



Ordering merchandise is no longer on the registration form this year. A separate form has been created for this because the purchase of a part of the merchandise is closed earlier than the registration for the 4-day camp.

Ordering merchandise Ordering merchandise is only possible after registering for the 4-day camp


Wake up times

From April 1, 2022 it is possible to specify the alarm times in advance. You can always change that later.

Specify wake-up times 4-day camp  



The prices for the 4-day camp of 2022


Scouts Walker € 85,00
Supporter € 65,00
External Walker € 45,00
Warm meal € 11,00 (per meal)
BBQ (sunday) € 12,50
Breakfast € 3,50 (per breakfast)
Packed lunch € 3,50 (per lunch pack)
Year badges € 2,75 each
Name badge € 0,30 each
Camp T-shirt € 11,00
Power socket € 15,00 (500W, 2A) per week (Only limited available i.v.m. capacity)





Register Nijmegen 4-Days

The registration for
the Scouting 4-Dday Camp is separate from the assignment / registration for the Nijmegen 4-Days itself.
You must do this yourself at that organization. How many kilometers you have to walk depends on your age and gender.